Dayna Corlito,

I can proudly tell you that my decision to become a fractional owner at Borgo was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I look back on the years between the first time I visited and this year and can tell you with certainty that I actually enjoy my visits to Borgo di Vagli more and more each year, if that is even possible. I have had numerous family and friends accompany me on my trips and most have been repeat visitors after experiencing the glory of Borgo di Vagli just as I had the first time I stepped foot on the Hamlet. I had traveled to Italy prior to first arriving at Borgo and had always thought about potentially buying an apartment somewhere either in one of the larger cities or in the Tuscan countryside so that I would always have a place to look forward to visiting, but it was just too cost prohibitive at the times I looked into it, especially with the appreciation of the Euro being a US citizen.That is why I initially started out pursuing a shared ownership option. But to my delight, when Borgo di Vagli converted to fractional ownership, it gave me the opportunity to do just what I had hoped to do and accommodate my travel schedule, whereby I only get a few week’s vacation on an annual basis from my job. Since then I have had the pure delight of entertaining friends and/or family on every visit and I am always excited when it’s someone new and they get to experience Borgo di Vagli for the first time, because I feel like I get to experience that ‘newness’ of being there all over again. Stefania and her team have become part of my extended family. I truly look forward to seeing them when I visit and keeping in touch with them throughout the year. I have always enjoyed the fabulous views and taking day trips into Tuscany and Umbria, but now it’s even more enjoyable because I am so much more familiar with the area and barely even need a map anymore, except for occasional reference. I have my favorite restaurants & my favorite towns to visit but I always save something new for my next visit to add to the excitement of discovering something I haven’t during past visits. And that is the delight of being at Borgo di Vagli, there is always something new to experience on the property since management constantly strives to continue to make improvements and offer owners added services and options to look forward to and there is always a new place to explore on your day travels. I have visited Borgo di Vagli at different times of year and that – in and of itself – is a new adventure. My closest group of friends have accompanied me on my visits the majority of the time and it’s become an annual pilgrimage for us. I relish in the thought that no matter what is going on in my life during a given year, I have the peace of mind knowing that at some point during the year all roads will lead to Borgo di Vagli and that is enough to keep me content. I look forward to spending many more years at Borgo di Vagli and just writing this now makes me homesick and wishing I was there!!!”

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